Who We Are

The Film Series is made possible by Student Activities, SGA, and 7 appointed BMC students.

Appointed Members, 2016-17:

Kristal SotomayorKristal Sotomayor ’17, Co-Head

Favorite Movie: The Holy Mountain dir. Alejandro Jodorowsky, 1973



Isabella Nugent Isabella Nugent ’18, Co-Head

Favorite Movie: Harold and Maude dir. Hal Ashby, 1971



Alexandra Mitrovich ’18, Campus Outreach Coordinator

Favorite Movie: Bonnie and Clyde dir. Arthur Penn, 1967



Kellie DinhKellie Dinh ’19,¬†Website Developer

Favorite Movie: Whiplash dir. Damien Chazelle, 2014



Heather GriffinHeather Griffin ’19, Social Media Coordinator

Favorite Movie: Titanic dir. James Cameron, 1997



Eda TseEda Tse ’19,¬†Website Developer

Favorite Movie: The Royal Tenenbaums dir. Wes Anderson, 2001



Miciah Foster
Miciah Foster ’19, Internal Advertising Coordinator

Favorite Movie: The Incredibles dir. Brad Bird, 2004